Flights restart from March 15, 2018


The best way to discover and experience the island of Bohol is from up above. Give your drone camera a break and see and experience for yourself the beautiful destinations of Bohol. This aerial tour takes off and lands in Tagbilaran City airport, and will take you either to the hills or to the islands or to both.

Get a bird’s eye view of the fascinating islands of Panglao, Balicasag, and the Virgin Island, or of the world’s natural wonder, the cone-shaped hills in the heart of Bohol.


Plunge into the tropical waters of Panglao Island and meet friendly dolphins along the way. Dive and snorkel along the reefs of Balicasag island and be dazzled with its beauty. Dip into the cold waters of Hinagdanan Cave and experience otherworldly wonder.

Travel around the island and enjoy the paradise that is Bohol!

Bee Farm Tour

Walk around the paved aisle from our herb and vegetable garden to our crafting and production areas, down to the bee colony zone. The short walk doesn’t just tackle about edible flowers and their amazing uses but is also a way for our guests to meet those who are behind our produce, foodstuff, arts, and crafts. Learn why raffia-making equates to patience. Get close to European bees and watch them produce honey on our 30-minute farm tour.

Countryside Tour

Discover the beauty and variety of the sites along the vein of Bohol island’s interior. A tour that will take you through historical Spanish Churches amidst a backdrop of the lush green interior of rice fields and tropical forests. Along the way, take a cruise along Loboc River and visit Bohol’s mascot -the Tarsier, the world’s smallest primate. The tour ends viewing the world famous Chocolate hills, one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Pamilacan Island and Dolphin Watching Tour

Adorning the Bohol Sea is a tiny dot of land overlayed with white sands and backdropped with green vegetation, the Pamilacan Island. With corals covering its sea floor, Pamilacan is the sanctuary of dolphins and whales. Come and watch them play and stunt in synchrony